Ice Cream & Dessert

Ice Cream & Dessert

20 Flavours of Ice Cream

Small$3.99with Waffle Cone$4.79
Large$5.49with Waffle Cone$6.29

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen YogurtSingleDouble
Plain (Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate)$2.99$4.49
With a Fruit$3.99$5.49

Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake $6.99Funnel Cake with Ice Cream$9.49
Icing Sugar, Strawberry Topping & Choice of Syrup
Funnel Cake Fries$3.99Funnel Cake with Ice Cream$5.99
Icing Sugar, Choice of Syrup
Deep Fried Mars Bar
$3.49Deep Fried Mars Bar with Ice Cream$5.49
Icing Sugar, Choice of Syrup